Minifigs! Minifigs! Minifigs!

The minifigs in a pack craze has struck our household bigtime.   It seems like every time we go to Target or Walmart there is some new fig in a pack just begging for our dollars.

My son is more into the minifigs than my daughter, although don’t even let me get me started on her Filly Princess habit,  but they will both excitedly rip open a new pack of Lego Collectible Minifigs any chance that they get.

I did a post a while back when we discovered the Character Building Microfigures and I compared them to the Lego Friends line.  Now, we have a few different brands around the house so I figured I would do a post covering each of them to see how they all stacked up to each other.


From Left to right we have the Lego Ninjago Kai, the K’nex Luigi, the Character Building Special Forces, and the Megablox Power Rangers Mooger.

All the figures except the Luigi figure are pretty much the same size.  What sets these figures apart is their design, build quality and, playability.


As I write this now, I realize that I probably should have used a collectible minifigure to compare these products with rather than Kai.   Although Kai is indicative of a Lego minifig quality and design (the scratch on his mask is from play and it is not a part of the design of the figure) , the accessories you get with the Lego collectible minifigs is one of the features that set these apart from the other figures.  The majority of the collectible minifigures come with around 2-3 accessories which enhance the playability of the figure.  The designs, as showcased in the Kai figure, get pretty elaborate and the printing is very in-depth and detailed.  As for the quality, Lego uses their famous ABS plastic on their figures which really gives them a solid, sturdy feeling.   The Lego minifigs are $2.99 per bag.



The K’nex Mario Kart Wii figures are the most expensive at $4.99 for a bag.  The figures are sturdy and feel well made, but they are very plainly designed and the printing isn’t all that detailed.  Although from looking at the pictures Bowser is huge!  I suppose you can’t really hold the detail against K’nex.  After all, the Mario characters in the video games don’t have a ton of detail to them either.  The Luigi figure is the largest figure by far and that could be part of the reason for the higher price tag.  BUT he does not come with any accessories at all.  In fact, everything you see in the above picture is what you get.  It’s nice if you are a collector, but a single fig leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to playability.  I am sure K’nex wants you to buy more of the Karts and other things they sell in this line, but come on, at least include a mushroom or something!  Also, at 4 bagged characters, this set is the smallest to collect out of all of them.

Character Building:

The Character Building microfigs bring us back to the Lego minifig size range.  However it is with the Character Building figs that we begin to see a decline in quality.  The plastic feels a little flimsy and cheap.  They are not that detailed and, in fact, it seems that they are not painted (other than the facial features) but molded with colored plastic.  Some come with accessories such as the Special Forces guy’s gun but some don’t have any accessories.  The hat on his head is not removeable but his vest is.  These figs are the first ones we look at that come in different levels of scarcity with common, uncommon, and rare figures.  The special forces guy is uncommon, but we bought two packs one day and they both had this guy in them.  However, these figures are the least expensive out of all of the figures at $1.99 a bag.  Plus I absolutely love the zombie fig!

(On a side note, while looking at the American distributor for Character Building’s website I noticed that these collectible microfigs are no longer listed on the site.  I’m not sure if that means that they no longer make these any more or they are just in between series.  They do still have Dr. Who microfigs and some new microfigs that come with animals that look like they have yet to be released.)


Mega Bloks:


I was excited about the World of Warcraft Mega Bloks that are coming out this summer.  But then we got some of these Power Ranger minifigs in a bag and now I’m not as excited.  The figures are made the cheapest out of all of the figures we have looked at today.  The little sword that this guy comes with is so flimsy, it almost sags under it’s own weight.  There is some detailing with these figs but not too much.  The hair and the head are separate pieces as is the figures chestpiece.  Now I do need to  point out that my son absolutely loves these figures so I guess that it is not a total waste of the $2.99 that the bags that these figures come in costs.  They also come in different scarcity levels as well.  With common, rare, and Ultra rare being the different levels.  The figures each come with a 2×4 mega blok brick that is supposed to be their display stand.


All of these figures have their place.  It could be argued that as long as you are in to the themes, then you would be happy with all of these figures.  But if quality is important to you then the different products begin to separate from one another.

One thing is certain.  Lego is still king here.  With their quality, variety, and experience they have the best product out of all of these companies reviewed here today.  They don’t refer to the other brands as “clone brands” for no reason.

The worst (I don’t really want to say the worst because their product does have some value.  How about the lowest ranked) out of all of the figures would be the mega Bloks Power Rangers.   They are ok, but when you price them the same as the Lego figs and deliver lower quality, then you go down in overall product satisfaction in my book.

So, what do you think?  Have you had any experience with these products?  Have you discovered any other bagged figures that you are addicted to?  or do you just disagree with me?  Let me know in the comments section below!